What is Jazz Dance

(Hip Hop, Techno, Rave, Classical, Funk, Jive, Broadway, Disco, Contemporary)

Do you love to move to fast-paced music? What about making up your own moves as you go along? If so, jazz dance might be just the thing for you. Jazz dance first appeared on the dance scene in the early 1900s in New Orleans. It was performed to the emerging jazz music, but it has origins that stretch way further back than that

At its earliest time, jazz dance referred to any kind of dance that was done to jazz music, which included tap dancing. At this time, jazz dancing was interpretive and unstructured, but it soon evolved into a more structured, theatrical performance. Some studios even taught jazz dance in the 1940s.

Slowly, through the 1930s and 1940s, jazz dance gained popularity and acclaim. Eventually, it was performed on Broadway and rivaled ballet in popularity. By the 1950s, jazz dance incorporated moves from both ballet and contemporary dance. It was also influenced by Latin and Caribbean music.

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